Purpose Driven Communication Coaching

Nikki Pounds, MHRD, SPHR, SHRM-CP

Great Communicators Aren't Born, They Are Created!

Discover & Maximize Your Authentic Communication Style

What Do You Desire?

  • Do you have the desire to change careers but feel stuck in your current work situation? 
  • Are you getting passed over for promotions and received minimal raises while others around you are being promoted and receiving above average pay increases? 
  • Are you interviewing but can't seem to land your dream job? 

I can help you craft a message and communicate purposefully in every encounter to get that promotion, pay increase or next role you desire!

 This 6-week online course will help you understand and embrace your communication style and the style of others to maximize every interaction.

Here is What You Get!

  • Week 1: Personalized assessment and report with a 30-minute feedback session.
  • Weeks 2-6, you will receive 5, 1-hour online sessions to discuss aspects of communication at work including how to ask for what you want, how to create the perfect elevator pitch and vision statement, how to handle conflict effectively and how to find balance in your career and life.
  • Weekly homework assignments and personal accountability check-ins.
  • Purpose Driven Communication Workbook; all 112 beautiful pages! 
  • Access to the PDC Facebook online community.


My unwavering enthusiasm, support and honesty to help you achieve peak performance, show up authentically every day and become a Purpose Driven Communicator!


Personalized Coaching


Personalized Development Plan

Personal and Professional Growth

Personalized Development Plan

Put your goals into action with one-on-one coaching designed to help you utilize your skills and abilities in every day settings at work and at home. 


Executive Coaching

Personal and Professional Growth

Personalized Development Plan

Our Executive Coaching uses proven methods employed to help you achieve your goals. You will receive several personalized reports to assist in understanding your preferences and the preferences of others.  


Personal and Professional Growth

Personal and Professional Growth

Personal and Professional Growth

Through this personalized approach, you will grow and develop a deeper understanding of how to engage in your professional relationships. We work with you to set goals and recognize when those goals have been achieved and are sustainable.